The Multitudes Within Us - Wong Yun Qi (pianist) & Agnes Chew (writer)

Take a deep breath and step through the looking glass with pianist Wong Yun Qi and writer Agnes Chew (author of "The Desire for Elsewhere", published by Math Paper Press, 2017) as they journey along the parallel planets of our souls, exploring the many sides to our beings - the light and the dark, the melancholic, explosive, joyful, bitingly sarcastic, mercurial, whimsical... - that make us truly unique.

The Multitudes Within Us is the recognition and acceptance of our selves the way we are, sans categorisation. We are, after all, as Agnes puts it, "a living microcosm of the entire emotional spectrum of oxymoronic paradoxes within a single moment that could never be logically construed".

Your adventure begins in the good company of Isaac Albéniz, Maurice Ravel, György Ligeti, Felix Leuschner (Asian Premiere), and the alter egos of Robert Schumann - the fiery Florestan and his pensive counterpart, Eusebius.

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"We are both fluid and limitless.
We expand and contract according to our whims, our caprices, and our desires. Let us never be limited by the fetters of definition." - Agnes Chew, The Desire for Elsewhere

concerts generously supported by: The Arts House, Steinway Gallery Singapore, The Music Circle, National Arts Council, Arts Fund and Star Capital Insurance Agency Pte Ltd.

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Aug 30 - Aug 31, 2019
[ Fri ] - [ Sat ]
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM SGT
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30 August SOLD OUT $35.00
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31 August - Student Concession SOLD OUT $25.00
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1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore Singapore
Yun Qi Wong - Pianist